Education Consultant

Who hires me to help?

Given the breadth of experience that I have accumulated over the years, I am well-positioned to help a number of types of organisations or establishments that work with children, young people, families or in training those who do. To date, these include online forums, charities, foundations, both primary and secondary schools, individual parents, carers, not-for-profit organisations, youth development and educational organisations, and community-interest-companies. Location need not be a barrier! Depending on the remit, I can work remotely with visits or face to face meetings only as necessary  - or as often as you wish! This can potentially save you both time and money. Being ideally placed in the centre of the UK is an advantage and affords my work great flexibility! Operating as a freelance consultant also gives me the freedom to offer my services at any time of the year – I do not close for the summer! 

I would like to work with fellow parents & carers too, as I believe that I am able to give them the benefit of my experience as a working parent, a single parent, raising a high-achieving child  - and none of it without difficulty! But from which I have learnt and grown. 

I would welcome the opportunity to work more with Teacher-Training organisations, NQTs  and those who train adults to work with children. I believe there is a lot of valuable work to be done around our own mindset and emotional literacy as adults, whether that be as parents, carers or professionals, when interacting with children and young people. 

What can I do to help your organisation or establishment?

My flexible-approach, coupled with my aim to deliver a solution that is entirely fit for YOUR specific purpose, results in the very enjoyable process for me of creating a bespoke project to fulfill your needs. I am naturally both creative and solution-focused when faced with a project. I have previously written and delivered courses to young people with social-emotional themes as requested by SMT, and delivered bespoke, solution-focused training to Newly Qualified Teachers on Behaviour and Classroom Management. I am able to offer staff-training on a variety of topics based around a child-centred approach and allowing young people to be the best that they can be, which in turn creates a more positive atmosphere  -  whether that be in the classroom or a social care environment. As professionals, we have a wealth of tools at hand that can influence this. It is simply a case of raising awareness, reminding ourselves and unlocking skills that we may have  forgotten that we have learnt. I have also worked with management to devise positive behaviour systems with cost-effective rewards. 

Why hire me?

There are MANY advantages to hiring a freelance Education Consultant! Three obvious reasons being cost effectiveness and specialism or focus, and again, flexibility. I do not have the level of overheads that other bigger organisations have to take into account, therefore I can be  more reasonable with my fees. This is my specialism. I am passionate about education and children's emotional wellbeing. I have actively chosen to pursue this line of work and self-funded extra study. I am a reflective practitioner and am always expanding my knowledge and refining my practice in light of what I learn. I have witnessed many staff in larger, council-run organisations 'falling' into this line of very specialised work with vulnerable young people under the misapprehension that it was an easy ride, and often with little or no previous dedicated study or training such as mine. Other education sector workers who may offer similar services usually have to wear multiple hats in their role and will likely have to dash back to their place of work where they are answerable to a line manager for their use of time. In complete contrast, I am able to focus solely on your needs and our project. I am not answerable to a line manager in a larger organisation - my time is my own and if you need me to spend extra time with you to complete a piece of work, I do not need to run it past my line manager. I can make that decision and  I can give you that time. 

Running my own business has given me the time and space to reflect on and consider how larger organisations function. Yet I also have the knowledge and experience from 22 years of working for local authorities. I believe that this gives me a privileged position of having a well-informed, objective overview of how organisations might be able to operate differently in a bid to be more economical or effective. I have no vested interest in either changing or keeping the systems you currently have in place. But I can look at them with 'fresh' and objective eyes.