Private Tuition Packages

French, Spanish & ESL

As a qualified teacher of MFL, I can offer support with French from primary up to  undergraduate level, Spanish from primary through to GCSE / iGCSE and English as a Second Language. As with all of my teaching, my priority is to make learning fun and I use a variety of learning styles to help your child enjoy the sessions. In July 2018, I completed a TSST MFL refresher course in conjunction with the University of Warwick and NCTL.

11+ exam preparation

With my background in teaching, I successfully supported my own son through this process and the result was that he received offers from both King Edwards Camp Hill AND a financially assisted place at King Edwards School, Edgbaston. Since then I have coached private clients with 100% success rate. I am able to deliver personalised coaching or I am very happy to guide and support parents through this process, hence saving you tuition fees!

Maths & English Confidence-Building

This is the request I most often receive from parents. Mostly Maths! Usually at KS2 or KS3. Although not my specialist subjects, my skill is in understanding your child's barriers and working with them, maximising their optimum learning style in order to help them begin engaging again and accessing their learning in school lessons. I can help to remove some of the 'blocks' that we can all encounter from time to time and sow some seeds of confidence for your child in their own ability to learn and succeed. Again, for me, having fun and laughing is key to successful learning!

Revision Planning & Support

Exams! They can be a very tough time for your child both academically and emotionally. I can help them to navigate their way through this tricky time by helping them to create their own personalised  revision plan and timetable. Relaxation time is included,  taking into account their own  hobbies, interests and routines. I can also introduce your child to relaxation techniques to help them to manage any potential nerves or anxiety. 

Social & Emotional Issues

As Neuroscience advances in leaps and bounds, we have more tools than ever available to us to help us deal with life's difficulties. School can be a very difficult time for many children. They spend six and a half hours a day at least, in close proximity to 29 other children. I defy anyone not to have their social or emotional skills tested in those conditions! 

I spent 14 years working with young people, helping them to manage a wide variety of problems that they were experiencing in school. Outside of the school environment, I can help you and your child to put strategies in place to minimise the impact of problems that they may encounter on their emotions and education. I will also support parents in ensuring that their voice is heard and that  the correct support is in place for their child. Issues may include bullying, anger, anxiety, negative relationships with staff, behaviour difficulties, assertiveness, confidence and self-esteem-building. In some instances, where there are possible mental health issues, referral to an appropriate professional may be recommended. 

Ask me!

Given my years of experience, I can usually help with most things! Here are some examples: A father of teenage boys was at his wits end over their obsession with their mobile phones. We had a discussion and I emailed him a list of tips that I personally had tried and tested with my own son. I offered a follow-up meeting if he needed further advice. Another mother found that homework projects were causing tension and anxiety. After a discussion, she & her husband decided to hire me once a fortnight to 'blitz' the tricky bits of the project as soon as it was set, leaving them to focus just on the reading! 

Just ask me!